Our Founder, Susan Kerwin


Susan Kerwin

Susan Kerwin is a licenced wildlife rehabilitator and bat specialist who founded Bat Rehabilitation Ireland (Bat Rehab Ireland) in 2019. The rescue then went on to receive charity status in 2022. Since opening the Centre, which is based in Bruree, Co Limerick, she has cared for almost 1500 bats. Susan is a licenced, fully trained bat ringer, and with the guidance and support of Irish ecologist and bat specialist Conor Kelleher, started Ireland’s first ringing project to include eight of the nine resident species of Irish bats to monitor their longevity and movement.

She is currently working with several scientific institutions in Ireland on projects, such as interspecific hybridisation and virology.

Susan is dedicated to the conservation and protection of bats through rehabilitation and educating the public on the ecological importance of the species.

Susan Kerwin, Founder, Bat Rehabilitation Ireland


Amy is a licensed Bat Rehabilitator who runs our Dublin branch of BRI. Amy got involved with wildlife rehab when she started as a Veterinary Nurse 9 years ago. She cared for all wildlife species in veterinary practice and found a particular interest in bats and bat rehab. 

Amy then moved to Bat Rehabilitation only when she opened our Dublin branch in 2021. She admits sick and injured bats from many parts of the country, cares for them until they are healthy again and ensures they are released back where they were found when they are ready to go.

Amy joined Susan in training to ring bats  and so is also a licensed bat ringer.

Amy is extremely passionate about and dedicated to bat rehabilitation and ensuring as many bats as possible get a second chance at their wild life.


Amy caring for a bat at Bat Rehabilitation Ireland