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Injured bat in bat hospital where Bat Rehab Ireland Rescue Services will care for it..


Bat Rehabilitation Ireland rescues bats from all across the country. We work closely with veterinary professionals, members of the public, as well as other animal rescues that find a sick, injured or orphaned bat in need of care. Thanks to our many volunteers around the country, we can often offer assistance with the transport of bats to our centres, which are based in county Limerick and Dublin city.

Rehabilitation Services at Bat Rehab holding out injured bat's wing


All bats that arrive into care at Bat Rehab Ireland are provided with access to veterinary treatment and will receive follow on care at our specially-equipped rehabilitation centres. This can be as little as a day or, in some cases, as long as a year. All bats that come into our care are given every chance of a full and healthy recovery.

Release services at Bat rehabilitation outdoor area


Our goal for bats that have made a full recovery is to return them to where they were found for release.  In the case of hand-raised bat pups, they need to demonstrate their ability to hunt and find suitable and safe roosting sites when in one of our outdoor bat flights. Observing the bats in outdoor flight helps us ensure their readiness for release back into their natural habitat. Bats are social creatures creating life long bonds within their colony.